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👭 🌙 ([personal profile] barda) wrote in [community profile] winnerstick2016-05-06 12:34 pm

(francia) 6 ★

anyway here's the rest of it. mainly rp icons again but there's other stuff too. i luv my pop music. :^) the k ones are really awful omg but i just don't like having a bunch of icons just sitting there unused so....

099 - zetsuen no tempest (hakaze)
087 - k project (neko, ft. her boys)
055 - celebrities (selena gomez, one direction, fifth harmony, vanessa hudgens, little mix, red velvet, zayn malik, zendaya, ariana grande, gigi hadid)
024 - kingdom hearts (kairi, namine)
011 - dragon ball (gohan, chichi, goku, bulma)
038 - various (see tags)

- please credit [personal profile] barda or [community profile] winnerstick!
- comments aren't necessary, but they're appreciated!

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