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(francia) commissions

anyway so i'm going to have icon commissions permanently open. i don't actually expect to get any takers but like. just in case and all that.


i can do manga coloring but i'm not confident enough in my skill to charge for it. i'm willing to do plain manga icons though such as:

just let me know how you want it edited.

25 icons = 30 points ($3)
50 icons = 60 points ($6)
100 icons = 120 points ($12)

if you want a different amount of icons we can negotiate on the pricing. if you just want one single icon i will do it for free lmao.

notes: i can do live action, animanga, video games, comics, cartoons, w/e!! please supply me with the images you want me to icon, preferably as high quality as you can manage. I AM WILLING TO SCREENCAP/FIND IMAGES FOR YOU, but please note there will be an added charge to it that will depend on how many icons i'm making for you.

payment: just send it as points to this journal, [personal profile] barda.

if you are ready to commission me, please copy paste the following and post it in a new comment below.

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