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dumping some more rp icons, again some are older than others. i used the shake it up ones as pb icons for leo valdez. btw nikita is a terrible show to icon i remember those being hell to make.

081 - shake it up
065 - nikita
015 - hibike! euphonium
015 - kingdom hearts
008 - hotel transylvania

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anyway here's the rest of it. mainly rp icons again but there's other stuff too. i luv my pop music. :^) the k ones are really awful omg but i just don't like having a bunch of icons just sitting there unused so....

099 - zetsuen no tempest (hakaze)
087 - k project (neko, ft. her boys)
055 - celebrities (selena gomez, one direction, fifth harmony, vanessa hudgens, little mix, red velvet, zayn malik, zendaya, ariana grande, gigi hadid)
024 - kingdom hearts (kairi, namine)
011 - dragon ball (gohan, chichi, goku, bulma)
038 - various (see tags)

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hi i'm dumping more icons here. some are rather old and others have been made in the last month or so and there's a big variety. they range from rp icons (because 90% of the time i make icons these days it's for rp lmao) to... other stuff... i'll be posting more in the near future.

35 - celebrities (selena gomez, vanessa hudgens, taylor swift, fifth harmony, one direction, little mix, zendaya)
15 - zankyou no terror
14 - aldnoah zero
13 - hotel transylvania
11 - glasslip
10 - persona 4
09 - comics (morning glories, marvel, dc)
31 - various

here we go again )
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Another post while I still remember this comm exists! Amazingly not all of them are RP icons, but the Kaito ones are. The MK ones are also kinda old so much apologies there.

037 - Kingdom Hearts
030 - Magic Kaito
020 - Shugo Chara!
008 - Sailor Moon

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