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May. 10th, 2012 06:42 pm
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This is an icon community for [personal profile] hopes and [personal profile] barda because of reasons.

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theres not a lot but its been a while since i last posted so heres a v quick icon post

15 - selena gomez
15 - ariana grande
15 - dc comics (poison ivy&harley quinn)
01 - nicki minaj

so kiss me )
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you should watch the get down it's very good. also dumping some of my rp icons, like always. but seriously watch the get down.

91 - ben 10
33 - the get down
26 - gatchaman crowds

i'm bored and waiting for this hurricane to hit me )
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u know when you think about it geass and galavant are basically the same show...... they both have betrayal, royalty, suzaku

161 - code geass
087 - galavant

justice for good musical comedies )
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you should app me gatchaman castmates over at [community profile] subnautica btw. consider these icons a bribe. i am slowly iconing through the episodes which is why the amount of icons each character has is so uneven but i will post more later.

160 - gatchaman crowds

i play hajime there )
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when will andie post something here so it won't be a constant stream of my shit icons in this comm

235 - legend of korra
093 - space patrol luluco
058 - voltron

wait for it wait for it )
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@god when will technology advance to the point where all these icons will format themselves into a post?? asking 4 a friend

220 - totally spies

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i should be posting like two??? more largish posts in the next week or two since wow i made a lot of icons recently and am too lazy to post them all in one night. also amanchu is so cute wow.

216 - amanchu!
027 - voltron

btw froot is still such a good album )
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anyway so i'm going to have icon commissions permanently open. i don't actually expect to get any takers but like. just in case and all that.

more info here!! )
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dumping some more rp icons, again some are older than others. i used the shake it up ones as pb icons for leo valdez. btw nikita is a terrible show to icon i remember those being hell to make.

081 - shake it up
065 - nikita
015 - hibike! euphonium
015 - kingdom hearts
008 - hotel transylvania

art is hard )
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it's 2016 and i fell back into homestuck this is such bullshit who do i sue for this??? anyway expect more hs icons soon and all the other icons i promised as well. i can't belieb i am actively using this comm now.

146 - homestuck

this post brought to you by: lemonade by beyonce )
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wow!! another post!! amazing!! expect more icons from this show soonish in the relatively near future because it's super cute and i love it a lot. i'll also be dumping more oldish rp ones later too.

087 - ever after high

it's an open book!!!! a road in reverse!!! a brand new hook forget that curse!!!! )
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finally a post that isn't filled with v old rp icons... i made like all of these while (finally) watching the game grumps genocide run and spoilers: it is still painful witnessing all that murder a second time around.

121 - kiznaiver

i don't even like this anime that much )
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anyway here's the rest of it. mainly rp icons again but there's other stuff too. i luv my pop music. :^) the k ones are really awful omg but i just don't like having a bunch of icons just sitting there unused so....

099 - zetsuen no tempest (hakaze)
087 - k project (neko, ft. her boys)
055 - celebrities (selena gomez, one direction, fifth harmony, vanessa hudgens, little mix, red velvet, zayn malik, zendaya, ariana grande, gigi hadid)
024 - kingdom hearts (kairi, namine)
011 - dragon ball (gohan, chichi, goku, bulma)
038 - various (see tags)

the summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation )
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LONG TIME NO ICON POST anyway dumping more rp icons. some are... much older than others, lol. i'm probably gonna do another post soon to post more since this one already has a shit ton of icons in it.

268 - being human (annie, mitchell, hal)
033 - the fades (anna)
022 - sense8 (kala, riley)
015 - jane the virgin (jane)
007 - zankyou no terror (lisa, twelve)

i've finally gave up on icon tables holy shit )
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hi i'm dumping more icons here. some are rather old and others have been made in the last month or so and there's a big variety. they range from rp icons (because 90% of the time i make icons these days it's for rp lmao) to... other stuff... i'll be posting more in the near future.

35 - celebrities (selena gomez, vanessa hudgens, taylor swift, fifth harmony, one direction, little mix, zendaya)
15 - zankyou no terror
14 - aldnoah zero
13 - hotel transylvania
11 - glasslip
10 - persona 4
09 - comics (morning glories, marvel, dc)
31 - various

here we go again )
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hello friends i am dusting off this comm to post some rp icons. again. umm some are kinda old and others are much newer. there are a bunch more i plan to post too so expect another update at... a point in the future.

060 - tonari no kaibutsu-kun
032 - teen wolf
030 - the vampire diaries
015 - all new ghost rider
014 - young avengers
010 - tales of legendia
006 - witch craft works

no shirt no blouse )
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Another post while I still remember this comm exists! Amazingly not all of them are RP icons, but the Kaito ones are. The MK ones are also kinda old so much apologies there.

037 - Kingdom Hearts
030 - Magic Kaito
020 - Shugo Chara!
008 - Sailor Moon

happy holidays! )
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Hi guys! This is my first time posting here, and I'm just dumping off a bunch of RP icons to the surprise of absolutely no one.

083 - Torchwood (Toshiko)
092 - The Middleman (Lacey)
100 - Glee (Rachel)

winter is coming )


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